Our Services

At M and J Plumbing, we provide a team of professionals to resolve your plumbing issues.

We can repair leaks, and we can also manage emergencies. If any accidents or sudden damages occur to your plumbing structure, simply give us a call!

We deal with clogs, part replacement, and installation of sinks from scratch. We also replace and install new faucets.

Plus, we provide recommendations on parts that suit your needs best!

Dishwashers / Washing Machines can be an awkward home appliance to install – especially since they’re a large appliance.

But no worries, we’ll help you install Dishwashers / Washing Machines. We’ll also assist you replacing your old Dishwashers / Washing Machines!

We can perform both installation and replacement for showers and bathtubs.

We also fix external structures related to both items.

We can fix and replace shower doors, and even layout/fix the piping structure of your bathtubs and showers!

Almost all bathrooms contain toilets, and proper functionality should be maintained at all times.

Plus, many emergencies tend to be related to toilet malfunctions.

They occur with “overflowing toilets” and “bad installations” that causes issues, especially for homeowners.

Our services can deal with emergencies related to toilet problems. We offer both fixes and installations per your specifications!

A warm home is key for a comfortable living experience.

We can position a radiator so that it acts as a good aesthetic, while properly heating a your home!