Creating a holistic bathroom is a complex job.

Beyond the basic structural plumbing, there are different appliances and tools that you’ll install. But no worries!

Our services make bathroom installations easier. And they include the following…

Shower Installation
We install showers in addition to all the appliances necessary. And we do so in a manner that’s aesthetically pleasing!

Also, we’ll take care of installing plumbing work for the water supply of your home, fitting it well with the sinks, toilets, and shower location!

Sink Installations
We’ll fit all types of mixer taps. We’ll can fit new and replacement parts of many models, while recommending excellent brands!

Mirror Panels and Towel Rails
Mirror panels are necessary in every bathroom, and so are tower rails.

Our services can assist you in a perfect installation of both. We’ll recommend areas and angles that best suit each appliance.

We ensure that they’re installed firmly and are fit for use!

Tiling and Painting
Much plumbing involves renovating old tiles and moldy walls.

We fix both. We can renovate your entire bathroom’s appearance for a clean look that matches the modern age!

Unfortunately, we do not do boiler installations. However, we’re happy to provide the previous options, and at high levels of quality!