About Us

Finding a quality plumbing contractor is a difficult endeavour. Many provide promising services, but few provide quality and longevity.

Few contractors have the experience to plan the structures of bathrooms and kitchens – and especially on a larger projects.

Not to mention, many offer services that are untimely and inconvenient for customer schedules.

At M and J Plumbing, we prioritise for the comfort of our customers.

This comfort starts with the customer service. We ensure that you never have to deal with long waiting times or through unnecessary issues.

Our calls and inquiries are quick and to-the-point. We answer your concerns while offering effective solutions in a timely manner.

Plus, our plumbers are warm and courteous. You’ll always feel welcome and your needs taken care of!



Our assessments are always detailed.

We’ll offer you a comprehensive analysis of your plumbing situation, and the costs required for your repair or installation.

Plus, we do our assessment and jobs while respecting your home. We ensure no mess or damages as we work!

Our communication with clients is always open and purposeful.

Our plumbers are quite adaptive. We are happy to modify your projects in accordance to what is possible within your property.

We Assist All
Our contractors are experienced with all kinds of property. We work on both residential and commercial plumbing.

We can help with repairs or installations, for both business owners and all types of real estate owners!

Plus, we’re happy to work on property of varying sizes. Our plumbing expertise all from small apartments to office buildings!

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Excellent plumbing is a must.

You need proper customer service, quality installations, and integrity for optimal results.

There’s nothing more to wait for. Call us now, and book an appointment!